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1 January 1st 2006 The Community Re-Opening Day 10th December Report and Photos
2 January 12th 2006 The Continuing Work Report regarding the work required after Restoration
3 March 1st 2006 Church House Ale Planning An outline working plan for the event content & timing
4 April 1st 2006 Close Encounter Appreciated Report and Photos of first Encounter event - Theatre Royal Exeter
5 May 6th 2006 Revelry and Friends Plans for the first Church House Ale and details of 'Friends' programme
6 June 9th 2006 Church House Ale and Art Exhibition Photos of the first Ale and of Ron Andrew's Industrialisation exhibition
7 July 11th 2006 Church House wins Award Church House has won the RIBA Wessex Conservation Award for 2006
8 August 28th 2006 Art Exhibition and History Archive Kara McGowan's sudents exhibit and Local History Goup Archive show
9 Oct/Nov 2006 Moorland Paws and Visits Report Exhibition of Pet Products and news of passing the 1000 visitor mark
10 Feb 2007 Annual Report Report of building use for the first year after renovation
11 May/June 2007 Poster for Church Ale and Summer Event Poster
12 July/August 2007 Summer 2007 Newsletter For Members
13 October 2007 Prsent and Future Use Report on rental and event usage and open days
14 February 2008 Teaching Assistant's course Details and photos
15 March 2008 Church House Concert Notice and background
16 May 2008 The Art of Spring Classes, exhibitions and Flwer Festival - photos
17 Nov 2008 - Mar 2009 Various Events Photographs - Exhibition, Concert, Xmas party, Murder Mystery
18 Dec 2009 - Feb 2011 Village Square and Staff photos Inaugural meeting Village Square improvement and Staff xmas party
19 Feb 2011-Dec 2011 Village Square and Events Village square renovation, Monthly Produce Markets, Charity Auction, Art Exhibitions